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  • UK to Spain referral

    Healys has referred a client in relation to a property and probate dispute to Spanish Galexy member, Maria Ángeles Agulló.

  • UK to Italy referral

    Healys has received a request for Italian legal services from Ashotosh Verma a law firm based in Delhi and Mumbai and have referred this firm to Galexy Member, Maurizio Campolo

  • Galexy referral: Healys, RBS and Rein Braun and Beathalter

    Healys has taken an instruction from Royal Bank of Scotland to secure funding against company assets registered in Germany and have instructed Galexy member, Tobias Vels of Rein Braun and Beathalter, to act as its agent in completing the security.

  • The Indian Initiative

    Healys' Corporate Department have put together a team of London professionals including corporate finance, corporate advisors and brokers and together with Nishit Dhruva of Dhruva & Partners, Galexy member in India, presented to 200 corporate and professionals in Mumbai on the 6th April 2011.

  • 2011 Annual Conference

    Our 2011 Annual Conference will take place in Brighton, UK from 30th of June until 3rd of July.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to our new website! Here you can find useful information about each lawyer of our association, our services, and as a result, solutions to all domestic and business affairs to an international basis.


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