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Lawyer's Office Sebastian Koczur LL.D. Attorney at Law
POLAND / 31 - 526 CRACOW

The Law Firm was established in 2008. The owner of the firm is attorney, dr. Sebastian Koczur, LLD, author of many publications devoted to labour law and business law and the permanent expert in the newspaper "Gazeta Prawna".
The law office specializes in cases concerning labour law, business law and social insurance law. Attorney Sebastian Koczur, LLD, is a specialist in the very narrow discipline of employing and holding offices by the members of companies' governing bodies.
It should be emphasized that the law firm has proved particularly effective in legal disputes. The law firm provides legal service to economic entities, as well as conducting individual cases.
The law firm conducts cases all over the country.
The registered office of the firm is located in Krakow.



Kielecka Street 1

Tel. +48 12 418 08 25
Fax +48 12 418 08 25


Dr. Sebastian Koczur
Joanna Baczynska
Karolina Stachura
Justyna Rybaltowska
Mikolaj Moskal
Tomasz Piwowarski
Kinga Pawlak




Labour law (individual and collective / Polish and European)
Commercial and Economic Law:
• corporate law
• competition law
• mergers
• liquidations
Civil Law
Social Security Law
Real estate
Administrative Law

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