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Who we are

GALEXY is an association of lawyers from many countries who recognize that the needs of the international business community are changing. International business is now done more and more by small and medium size companies and individuals. The times when only large companies were engaged in international trade are over. With the change in participants in international legal matters, their lawyers also had to change. Gone are the days when large law firms were the only ones with expertise in a cross-border legal consultation. Now, smaller, agile, and flexible law firms provide excellent cross-border advice. Such law firms now also assist with international tax issues, cross-border inheritances, and international family law matters. They also can assist clients with accident matters in other countries,

A network of closely cooperating law firms is required to provide such cross-border legal services. The founders of GALEXY saw this need very early, over 25 years ago, and created an organization that serves as an umbrella for high-quality law firms in many of the essential jurisdictions worldwide.

Expert Advice

GALEXY can thus provide the clients of its members with a comprehensive range of services and solutions.

Legal Defense

Legal advice is therefore given on an international basis by lawyers who are similar to your own.


GALEXY has and seeks high-quality clients based on its commitment to high standards, client service, modern professionalism, and clear sound advice.

Over 30+ Years of Experiences

What we do

Business & Corporate Law, Commercial Transactions

GALEXY firms handle complex business law questions and assist with cross border commercial transactions.


Our litigators are familiar with the personal and commercial problems which give rise to disputes within their own country.


GALEXY members support clients regarding cross-border taxation issues related to transactions and corporate structuring.

EU Law

Not only in Europe but throughout the world, the impact of EU legislation is being felt by a business.

Individual clients

Although GALEXY is primarily aimed at assisting companies in business law matters, all our business-related services are also available to private individuals.  

Intellectual property

We can advise our clients on the law relating to licensing and protection of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and technology worldwide.

What we are good at?


Galexy member firms are working together every day to provide clients with a first-class, cost-effective service with all types of legal issues.


How to become a member

Firms interested in joining Galexy must meet the criteria for membership. To be considered for membership, a firm must have worked with at least one Galexy member and have shown itself to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and expertise.

GALEXY is an international association of like-minded lawyers willing to help clients of other members to achieve their aims.

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Case Studies

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