Galexy Conference 2023 in Athens

The annual conference of Galexy, an international lawyer association, is set to take place in Athens, Greece, from June 29 to July 2, 2023. This conference is expected to be a platform for the discussion of legal developments in business law worldwide and their impact on trade and cross-border transactions. The conference participants will comprise of delegates from member firms who will cooperate with each other, deepen personal ties and trust.

The conference comes at a time when global trade is becoming increasingly complex and highly regulated. With increasing political changes and economic turmoil, it has become imperative for global businesses to keep abreast of these legal developments. The annual meeting of Galexy, therefore, presents an invaluable opportunity for lawyers to discuss various legal challenges and opportunities presented by these changes in the global economy.

The conference will also provide a unique opportunity for delegates to deepen existing personal relationships with lawyers from other member firms. This is particularly important in the context of cross-border transactions where trust is vital in ensuring the success of such transactions. The conference will also be a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences on how to best manage cross-border disputes and transactions in the current global legal environment.

The conference, hosted by Greek lawyer Elina Paraveskopoulous, promises to attract a diverse range of legal professionals from all over the world. These delegates will be able to learn from each other and share their experiences and expertise, ultimately helping to improve legal services offered to clients worldwide. The keynote address will be delivered by the president of Galexy, Peter Blake from the UK member Prettys Law Firm who will provide insights into the global legal landscape and the role of lawyers in facilitating international trade and business.

The upcoming annual conference of Galexy, an international lawyer association in Athens, Greece, is an opportunity for lawyers to network, discuss legal developments in business law worldwide and their impact on trade and cross-border transactions, and deepen personal ties and trust among member firms. With a diverse array of participants and speakers, this conference promises to be an engaging forum for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and complex, it is essential to take advantage of such opportunities to keep abreast of legal developments in the global economy.