Our Work

Over 30+ Years of Experiences

GALEXY is multi-national cooperation of well-established, high-quality law firms. GALEXY brings clients and its members together. Our members advise clients across borders and in the language of the client. Personal attention to each client’s matter and meticulous work are central to the GALEXY philosophy.

You, as the client, retain a GALEXY member in its home jurisdiction, and this member brings any other GALEXY member into the fold required to resolve your issues. This ensures that you, as the client, benefit from the knowledge of attorneys in all affected jurisdictions. Where outside attorneys have to be involved, the lead GALEXY member will choose another high-quality attorney and supervises its work.

Your contact as a client will always be the member in your home jurisdiction. That member will speak your language. You will have easy access to lawyers in your home country. Any work by other GALEXY members will be billed through the retained GALEXY member.

Company & Commercial

We seek to make positive contributions to the development of a client's business.

Intellectual property



Loan structuring and documentation for asset-based and other secured loans and more.

Industrial relations

We can assist with the Installation of personnel management systems and more.

Product safety and liability

Development of product safety programmes, evaluation of procurement and more.


We advise insurers and insureds on the scope of coverage under insurance contracts.

GALEXY is an international association of like-minded lawyers willing to help clients of other members to achieve their aims.

Nurse visiting man with wrist injury

Personal injury across the border

It is not the first thing that comes to mind when you go abroad, for example because of your holiday, but even if you are travelling abroad it is not inconceivable that you will suffer personal injury as a result of being involved in an

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