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Firms interested in joining Galexy must meet the criteria for membership. To be considered for membership, a firm must have worked with at least one Galexy member and have shown itself to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and expertise.

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Our multi-lingual lawyers possess nationally recognised expertise in law with an emphasis on the following areas

GALEXY is an international association of like-minded lawyers willing to help clients of other members to achieve their aims.

The distinguishing strength of TLC International Lawfirm lies within our strong team. Our combined legal knowledge and expertise is particularly extensive. By joining forces as an international team, we are able to quickly and adequately map out the scope of each legal issue and offer the best strategy and legal solution. We believe in clear, direct and open communication. All team members are directly accessible and partly because of this we as a law firm are accessible and easy to approach. We always work from the idea that we solve the problem together. In close cooperation with you as a client and our experienced legal team.

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In cooperation with our legal team you will be helped to make your problem smaller and more manageable.


We are strong, clear and straightforward in our communication


We are honest and efficient in our advice, working methods and rates.