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Over 30+ Years of Experiences

Galexy International

GALEXY is an association of worldwide lawyers who have recognized that the business community’s needs are changing. Business is now being done by private individuals and small and medium size companies on a worldwide basis. International trade is not only the provenance of large multi-national corporations whose head Offices are based in capital cities of the world.

The members of GALEXY are all relatively medium-sized firms within their jurisdiction, offering a range of services that would be unavailable to clients or other member countries without the GALEXY Organisation. They all have similar private and corporate clients with the same needs and problems.

Global Services

GALEXY can thus provide the clients of its members with a comprehensive range of services and solutions to domestic and business affairs on an international basis. GALEXY recognizes that international business is no longer done in capital cities; thus, almost all members are based in commercial centers outside the capital.


Our strength We feel that this adds to GALEXY’s strength, in that each firm’s outlook, as well as their clientèle, matches as closely as possible that of any other member firm in another state. Therefore, lawyers who are similar to your own give legal advice on an international basis. GALEXY has and seeks high-quality clients based on its commitment to high standards, client service, modern professionalism, and clear sound advice.

What we are good at?

GALEXY is an international association of like-minded lawyers willing to help clients of other members to achieve their aims.

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